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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Alt Winter

Globalhalo | Bitcoin and Blockchain Cryptocurrency Analysis

If it wasn’t completely obvious to a trader by now (maybe you live under a rock or don’t follow me on my famous Twitter account), the crypto sphere has been subject to a rather tumultuous series of changes and evolutions affecting the overall market as a whole. While things couldn’t be healthier (judging by things like number of transactions per day and total global market cap), the infamous altcoins (or shitcoins if you prefer) have been on a one way trip to 0 for the past few months. This all started back around January of course, when almost every single alt with the perception of a working dev team (and even some with no devs at all) increased in price tenfold. It was quite the legendary run, all things considered, and things kept moving up for months on end. Buy high, sell higher was the motto, and a trader could…

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Random Post Hoping for Snowball Effects

Giving names and title to something is hard so whatever. I'm going to write what flows from my stream of consciousness. Its like a typical addict's promise of the last hit, its usually not going to happen. Yesterday I didn't... Continue Reading →

Social Media Fast

Not merely a source of distraction, but many mind numbing problems. After a few days going back to Twitter and FB, there was a downward trend in my psyche. Its like those drugs which you can't get enough. After a... Continue Reading →

How old is the oldest tree in the world?

I search for "How old is the oldest tree in the world?" in Quora then I found the best answer at answering the same question. So the answer is..... A 5,062 years old P. longaeva located in the White Mountains... Continue Reading →

3 Days Absent

I was absent from blogging for 3 days. Although there should be a blog post 2 days ago, but I have decided not to publish it. Schizophrenia made it hard to organise thoughts which leads to a chaotic life. I... Continue Reading →

Wear Your Imperfection Like Armor

Tyrion: Let me give you some advice bastard. Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you. Jon: What the hell do you know... Continue Reading →

From Shit To Game of Thrones

When you feel like shit you turn to shit. I'm writing this not while I feel like shit, but while reflecting on it because if I really feel like shit I can't even get out of my internal torment. While... Continue Reading →

The Long Silence Explained

If you are too lazy, impatient or just too busy I can straight away tell you I'm a Schizophrenic so I don't function and perceive reality like most normal human suppose to be. So I ask forgiveness to everyone I've... Continue Reading →

Done 20 KM Walk: It Was Good

Yesterday I walked for 20 Kilometres -- not much of a feat for seasoned runners. Yet, I felt the need to share my sense of gratification.

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