Not merely a source of distraction, but many mind numbing problems. After a few days going back to Twitter and FB, there was a downward trend in my psyche. Its like those drugs which you can’t get enough. After a few hits, you want more of it and the initial feeling you expect never came back.

Social Media has become my personal hard drug. The share and likes gave me some sort of high. The problem was the longer I use it, lesser satisfaction I got. Maybe the shallowness of it was killing me slowly.

Compressing my thoughts and experience into one short status seems unsatisfactory. The — tens of thousands —  retweets I got gave me some sort of high, but it does not give me much depth. It was some temporary high which I can’t maintain, today I felt that I must go back to monastic mode.

Expressing it here seems comfortable because I don’t feel pushed. So it seems, extreme problems needs extreme measures. So I will post here from time to time while avoiding social medias like Twitter and FB.

BTW, I’m still reading Cal Newport’s Deep Work. So its an appropriate move towards applying the few bits of things I’ve read.